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Yep yep yep!! Love the Cake version!
Ok, I love all the versions of that song, really. That's just a darn fun song.

Dr Subtext

OMG! (I love sounding like a 13 year-old) We just saw that at the Alamo like, literally, yesterday. And the best thing was that thirty or whatever years later, it was still cracking folks up in the audience. I don't think HowlerMonkeyBoy had ever seen the real thing (although he's certainly heard our acappella versions around the house. In fact, we've been doing it since we were in college, using words we'd been learning in our high-falutin' Liberal Arts classes: "Misogyny (Da da, Dadada)Hegemony (Da dada da)" etc. It's fun. Try it.), and he thought it was a hoot.

Of no small interest may be the (supposed) fact that the music itself originates in the soundtrack to a (*ahem*)"sensuous" Italian film of that era. I'd love to see the scene or scenes that used that for background.

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