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I'm not *that* old. His tune "Heaven" was the theme for my Senior Prom, don'tcha know.

That was actually a pretty good cover. Always makes me hopeful about my own playing when I see an old fart continue to make good music.

THIS, however, is a tremendously *bad* cover. It's only 3:43. Let me know how long you last. ^_^


Sweet Scout

GG, don't you mean you're not *that* young? And I almost posted "Heaven" as your prize, because at that concert in 1985 my friend and I were seated behind a particularly drunk guy, who dramatically acted out every line of "Heaven." (Srsly...he actually pointed skyward with every mention of the word "heaven.") Sigh...if only we'd had hand-held camcorders back then.

And EXCUSE ME...but BA's NOT an old fart. Wikipedia puts him at 48 years old. Maybe an old fart to 26-yr-olds such as yourself, but certainly well within the young-to-middle-age-range of us 42-year-old hot babes.I myself find him still quite attractive, as far as non-dark-haired men go.

And in the interest of full disclosure...the Bryan Adams piece is just one of many covers from that album. Apparently BBC Radio 2 created a special documentary about the 40th anniversary of the Beatles'(and YOU know why I stress said ownership) album SPLHCB. The YouTube member "tommarques" seems to have the most entries from this doc. There's some good stuff, but I'm calling BA as the best.

As for the bad cover you referenced...I only made it to about 0:33. And that was simply to hear the first few notes from the singer. Otherwise I would have been out in less than 10 seconds.

But it begs the question...why would someone cover what is universally considered to be a crappy song?!?


Bowling For Soup does an excellent cover of
"Summer Of '69". Just thought you'd like to know.


"GG, don't you mean you're not *that* young?"

Yeah. And around 3am I woke up from a dream where I was apparently trying to edit my post.

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